Please note it is advised you only take on the assembly of our buildings if you have previous general building experience, we are happy to give additional advice during your assembly should you require it, please allow 24 hours for enquiries to be answered as we do not have a dedicated assembly advice team, our sales team will need time to double-check with the relevant team to ensure we give you the correct advice. Instructions for assembly include the below instructions plus some additional figures for your specific building.  

To help you make your decision please read the guidelines, these will be supplied to you with additional figures of your building to assist you with assembly.
Please note your building is custom-made to order bespoke items and does not come with mass-produced flat-pack furniture style instructions, this is a cold-rolled steel building not a wardrobe after all.

Assembly Instructions for a Small Steel Garage or workshop

Required tools to assemble your building:

  • Electric drill/screwdriver &/or impact driver (the rechargeable/cordless type is best);
  • 8mm socket driver to fit above;
  • Various HSS drill bits (typically an 8.5mm) and T30 Torx bit;
  • (SDS) Hammer drill;
  • 5 and 20mm masonry drill bit;
  • Selection of spanners and sockets (typically 13-19mm and sockets if possible) and/or suitable impact wrench fittings;
  • General hand tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, nail bar, pliers, tin snips, adjustable spanner, rubber hammer, hand file, etc;
  • Angle grinders (9” is best, though a 4.5” may suffice) or powered snips;
  • Rivet gun suitable for 4 and 5mm rivets;
  • A safe working platform, such as a small tower scaffold or better still a scissor lift;
  • Step ladder or steps x 2;
  • Roofing ladder, duct board, or other means of working on a roof safely;
  • Spirit level and tape measure/field tape;
  • PPE – it is strongly recommended that appropriate PPE is worn at all times;
  • Gutter sealant if you’ve ordered gutters.
  • Strongly suggested; sealant for the external perimeter of the water intrusion angle (we recommend Everbuild Aquaseal Liquid Roof Membrane Coating, however, others may be suitable).

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