Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors


Steel Mezzanine Flooring and Components for Offices and Retail

Mezzanine floors are a great way to increase the capacity of your premises at a fraction of the cost of relocating or extending. Mezzanines are intermediate (upper level) floors in a building, situated between your floor and ceiling. 

Many retail or office businesses use them as a cost-effective way to maximise their existing space. 

Mezzanines have several applications (and are not limited to this list);

  • Storing items, in this application shelving is added. Warehouses tend to have mezzanines with this feature.
  • As a place to put an office
  • House machinery and equipment
  • Shop floors (this is seen a lot in retail settings, i.e., department stores)
  • Staff use- Kitchen and recreational spaces

We can provide quality steel mezzanine floors for the growing needs of your premises. We offer a full-service package where we design, fabricate and fit the mezzanine for your premises.

Our team has the know-how to oversee the entire process, from design to manufacture to installation; we can see your project through to completion with confidence.


Four Reasons You Should Choose a Gabitie Steel Mezzanine Floor

    1. Experience: Our team has decades' worth of know-how; you can trust that we are experts and know what to do.
    2. Bespoke: Each mezzanine is unique and fabricated to client specifications. No two mezzanines are the same.
    3. Detailed quotes: We provide comprehensive, no-nonsense quotes. This way, you know what you're paying to receive. 
    4. Full service: We are a full-service company. We can design, make and install your mezzanine floor. 


What Does Your Bespoke Steel Mezzanine Quote Include? 

Our detailed, no-obligation quotes include all the fundamental components of a steel mezzanine floor, i.e., columns, crossbeams, purlins and bracing bars

Our quotes also include information about additional items you may need for your steel mezzanine, including handrails, kickboards, staircases and pallet gates (also fabricated by Gabitie Group Ltd). With all primary components crafted by our team in the West Midlands, your steel mezzanine floor fits together seamlessly. We can provide quotes with or without an installation cost.


Benefits of Steel Mezzanine Floors?

They do not normally need planning permission

-This depends o how you intend to use your mezzanine

They do not need to relocate to a different premises

-More space without the hassle of moving 

Increases capacity

-Store more, work more 

Mezzanines can be extended 

-Modular instalments 


-Made to your specification, to suit your needs


-Cheaper than a building extension or relocation 

Increase productivity and maximised efficiency 

-More space to work and store items. An increased capacity with little or no extra costs can bring a boost in productivity. 

Added value to your property

-Value-added to the premises without boosting other costs 

Fire Protection and Your Mezzanine Floor?

Your mezzanine floor may need to be fire rated depending on its intended use. The need for fire rating requirements changes depending on the size and the number of people working on the mezzanine at one time. Please check building regulations to ensure you are fully compliant.

Fire rating a steel mezzanine is vital and is a legal requirement in UK building regulation (unless stated exempt). You can take several measures to fire rate your mezzanine;


  • Suspended tiles- Fit the underside of the mezzanine with a suspended ceiling made up of fire-rated tiles that can provide at least one hour of protection.
  • Fireproof coating- Apply PVC cladding or intumescent paint that has a 1-hour fire rating to each column on the mezzanine (also known as column casing)
  • Fascia- Fit fascia to the edges of the mezzanine to shield flames and smoke for up to 60 minutes.

These strategies do not act as a fail-safe against fire outbreaks or spread. They act as a time buffer, allowing people adequate time to evacuate the mezzanine floor before the fire becomes too uncontrolled to grant a safe evacuation. It is prudent to implement other measures, i.e., smoke alarms, sprinklers, and strategic placement of your mezzanine near a fire exit, with no hazards inhibiting a quick and safe escape.


Our steel mezzanine flooring is manufactured in the West Midlands, for supply throughout the UK, using British standard steel. Various finishes are available. We can manufacture mezzanine floors in any shape, height and size.

Contact us today to get your free custom steel mezzanine quote. 

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